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Your business’s story doesn’t need to be elaborate

Have you tried storytelling in business? Your business’s story doesn’t need to be elaborate. Have a range of skills at your disposal which develop flexibility, authenticity, and impact. Think about your own favourite story.
Humans have always told stories and they're a vital part of our daily communication, but stories have meaning beyond entertainment value. We’re storytelling creatures.

Tell a good story so you show your company's personality and humanity - don't just become a faceless company that consumers feel unconnected from and uninspired to interact with and buy from. What lesson was learned in the story, and what should consumers learn from hearing it? Describe a challenge and how you came up with a solution. A good business founding story takes readers on your journey, gives them a glimpse of who you are, and helps gain an emotional buy-in.

Storytelling can be a lifelong and life sustaining habit of mind, a personal inheritance that connects us to our communities. Suddenly, you’re not talking numbers. Business stories should have a clear outcome. The more the audience relates to you or understands what went into creating the brand, the more likely they will like you and your company.

This is the same for looking at businesses - when people think "why should I get involved with this business?" they are trying to think of the reasons so they look for stories. If you want to get your prospects’ attention, make an emotional connection and be remembered, harnessing the power of storytelling is your best bet. People will relate to this as we have all experienced mistakes and failures. This goes beyond sharing a successful vision, instead share stories about the company's history, its struggles, its values, aims etc.

Do not make the mistake of being unable to answer a key question during your presentation. The repetition of images and verbiage associated with your business creates brand awareness. Think around your product or service and come up with a list of things people might want to know.

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